Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flash Fiction

We also had a go at doing some six word stories... the warm up was to tell the story of Snow White in six words... here's how we got on

Happy ending, sad middle and start - by Róisín

Female coma victim awakens when kissed - by Caitriona

Lost beautiful maiden finds her prince - by Fariya

Princess lives with seven dwarves.... Aaanyway... - by Thomas

Saturday, September 4, 2010

From the character's point of view

Today we swapped distinguishing features, locations and emotions, and used the combinations that emerged to make a story using the characters own voice. This is the one that Fariya came up with:

"One cup, two cup, three cup, four cup, five, pink flower cup, purple flower, polka dot cup. I love love love love cups.
They are all I breathe for, all I yearn for. I admire them deeply, their round shapes open at the top where you can pour hot liquids in. It's amazing because not a single drop falls. It just stays there. The liquid swirling in my cup, as I shake the cup lightly, breath taking, absolutely mesmerising. That is why I love cups. I live among them inside our sacred cupboard, me and my dozens of cups.
If you intrude into my sacred cupboard you will feel the wrath of my extremely bushy hair. Once you are lost in my bushy hair you lose your head. Inside my secret cupboard, my beautiful warriors of easily breakable china cups will be your destruction.
Daily I protect the cups from the hands of you ignorant humans. How clumsily you drop them, and they break, but not anymore, for I love my babies and one day we shall rule the world.
Tea for everyone.
One cup, two cup, three cup, four."