Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another story based on Black

The vampire and witch hated each other, yet they both needed to hunt at night.
A graveyard was always a good place to hunt and at midnight the food practically came to you. That did not mean that it was easy to hunt in a graveyard. It was quite the opposite actually. You still needed to fade in with your surroundings. Boots were always best for hunting, especially black ones, then you faded into the darkness better. Leather made it easy for you to swivel in between the obstacles.
The vampires loved black leather for the simple reason that it amplified their powers of allure against their prey.
On the other hand witches hated leather, because it diminished their magic.
The vampire and witch, though they hated each other, had a lot in common, their love of magic brinded them in a way almost unimaginable though they did not know it, they often thought the same thoughts and shared the power of visions. Yet each did not know that together they could turn the world and it's stereotypical shows and rockstars into ashes. They often wanted to destroy the world, yet the shame would be the destruction of everything associated with ACDC.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Open House - Red Rua

Tallaght Youth Arts Forum



Evening tours from 6:45 – 9:15

Tallaght Youth Arts Forum - For Youth by Youth
Booking essential For more info and to book your place please call Tori at 086 0479535
Find us at Facebook: TYAF Free prize draw on the night!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Silence of the Lambs

Apologies that posts have been sporadic of late, our secretary has carelessly allowed her laptop to crash, so she's way behind with the posting. Anyway - he's The Silence of the Lambs - inspired by a fantastic drawing by one of our talented members.

The tape recording still playing the Goldberg variations by J S Bach with Glenn Gould at the piano filled the small cell with lustrous highs and fast notes which sounded like the choirs of heaven. Above the tape, brooding and ominous as ever, stood Dr Hannibal Lecter M. D. swaying his hands lazily in time to the quickening chords of the music. Behind him lay the recently deceased Lieutenant Boyle, his blood littering the floor in gouts of red and blacks.
As Lecter was orchestrating, an outside noise disturbed his peace, the feeble rasping of the still alive Sergeant Rembry.
At this interruption, Lecter abruptly stopped, opened his eyes and left the cell, pocket-knife in hand, to attend to the Sergeant.
"Ready when you are Sergeant Rembry" he mused, exiting through the open door.

Friday, October 9, 2009

REAL FALSE MEMORY - new noise project

Take photographs, sketch/draw, paint or even just find a picture of a place that means something to you—then create a story around that place---see if people can determine if it’s true or imagined….

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Colour Brainstorm

This week at group - one of our number came up with the fantastic idea of brainstorming around a particular colour and then each of us writing a piece inspired by what came out. We chose the colour black - and had great fun thinking of words we associate with it for a few minutes. Here is one of the resulting exercises, we'll post a couple more over the coming days....

There was once a girl as bright as the colours that she wore with her dark brown hair. There was no helping the dark fact that at night, at the stroke of midnight, she would feel this unbearable pain as she would transform from her bright, calm, and collected nature - to this dark horror with the lust for blood that ran through her family. It was the moment where, hard as she tried, she could not escape or hide from the horrid curse brought upon her, the fact that she was a vampire.
Upon the stroke of midnight, though her mind and memory would be the same, her personality and looks would completely change, her hair glistening in the silvery light of the moon, eyes turned to a shake of pure black. Wearing a knee length black leather coat, long black boots, a black t-shirt, and a short black skirt, her attractiveness increasing a thousand times over, she thought her life would be normal as a dark vampire, but no luck could change what was lurking in her destiny and the person she would eventually meet.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


The last in this series of one line each - we're meeting again this saturday, so may have more to share with you after that!

My best friend sat on my bed chattering about homework, there’s one problem, she was dead.

I was shocked when she first came to me, it happened 3 days after the funeral.

“What the hell, I mean, what the life are you doing here?”

“Oh, you know, just hanging out, boring down at the cemetery, so it is” she brushed some muck off her shoulder.

I looked at her, confused.

I was glad she was there, especially lately.

She stepped out of the room, expecting me to follow.

I did, but only because I felt so angry. I had to yell at her, ask her why she wasn’t in heaven, was she in purgatory?

“I thought I’d have a holiday!”

“So, you decided to come and talk about homework? What kind of holiday is that?”

“A funky one”

“Funky !?”