Sunday, October 18, 2009

Silence of the Lambs

Apologies that posts have been sporadic of late, our secretary has carelessly allowed her laptop to crash, so she's way behind with the posting. Anyway - he's The Silence of the Lambs - inspired by a fantastic drawing by one of our talented members.

The tape recording still playing the Goldberg variations by J S Bach with Glenn Gould at the piano filled the small cell with lustrous highs and fast notes which sounded like the choirs of heaven. Above the tape, brooding and ominous as ever, stood Dr Hannibal Lecter M. D. swaying his hands lazily in time to the quickening chords of the music. Behind him lay the recently deceased Lieutenant Boyle, his blood littering the floor in gouts of red and blacks.
As Lecter was orchestrating, an outside noise disturbed his peace, the feeble rasping of the still alive Sergeant Rembry.
At this interruption, Lecter abruptly stopped, opened his eyes and left the cell, pocket-knife in hand, to attend to the Sergeant.
"Ready when you are Sergeant Rembry" he mused, exiting through the open door.

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