Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another story based on Black

The vampire and witch hated each other, yet they both needed to hunt at night.
A graveyard was always a good place to hunt and at midnight the food practically came to you. That did not mean that it was easy to hunt in a graveyard. It was quite the opposite actually. You still needed to fade in with your surroundings. Boots were always best for hunting, especially black ones, then you faded into the darkness better. Leather made it easy for you to swivel in between the obstacles.
The vampires loved black leather for the simple reason that it amplified their powers of allure against their prey.
On the other hand witches hated leather, because it diminished their magic.
The vampire and witch, though they hated each other, had a lot in common, their love of magic brinded them in a way almost unimaginable though they did not know it, they often thought the same thoughts and shared the power of visions. Yet each did not know that together they could turn the world and it's stereotypical shows and rockstars into ashes. They often wanted to destroy the world, yet the shame would be the destruction of everything associated with ACDC.

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