Monday, October 5, 2009

The Colour Brainstorm

This week at group - one of our number came up with the fantastic idea of brainstorming around a particular colour and then each of us writing a piece inspired by what came out. We chose the colour black - and had great fun thinking of words we associate with it for a few minutes. Here is one of the resulting exercises, we'll post a couple more over the coming days....

There was once a girl as bright as the colours that she wore with her dark brown hair. There was no helping the dark fact that at night, at the stroke of midnight, she would feel this unbearable pain as she would transform from her bright, calm, and collected nature - to this dark horror with the lust for blood that ran through her family. It was the moment where, hard as she tried, she could not escape or hide from the horrid curse brought upon her, the fact that she was a vampire.
Upon the stroke of midnight, though her mind and memory would be the same, her personality and looks would completely change, her hair glistening in the silvery light of the moon, eyes turned to a shake of pure black. Wearing a knee length black leather coat, long black boots, a black t-shirt, and a short black skirt, her attractiveness increasing a thousand times over, she thought her life would be normal as a dark vampire, but no luck could change what was lurking in her destiny and the person she would eventually meet.


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