Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chicken Poems

Today we started talking about the poetic possibilities of chickens (what writing group hasn't grappled with this one?), what follows are just two of the poems that resulted from this theme. We used the Adrian Mitchell poem "Live it like your last day Dig what can be dug" as a structural scaffold or jumping off point. Hope you enjoy what follows:

Live life like a great chicken
Eat what can be eaten

In the farm of Nixon
the shed of chickens and turkeys
or turkey-chickens or chicken-turkeys
reflects the mad crazy world
of about 6 billion people

like people in the mad world
I told my Australian servant
who had noticed chickens before

I said that's my job
noticing stuff like that -
I'm a farmer

Unusual isn't it
People in this mad world,
he said wondering.

Now you're thinking right,
I said.

by Thomas

The Army of Angry Birds

The chickens from Australia
are not your typical chickens -
You see
They have an army of marching turkeys
and a pair of angry ducks.
They've taken over Queensland
But they won't stop there,
They'll capture the Northern Territory
and overrun your house.
There is no escape from
the army of angry birds.
by Róisín

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