Saturday, December 12, 2009

No Adjectives Allowed

Today we did a writing exercise which involved writing with no adjectives for awhile - it resulted in the beginning of the following story, which was then finished by Roisín after the group.... enjoy!

The watch lay on the desk ticking, just ticking..... It was as if the room was shrinking in on me as I stared at the watch. The light spiralled around it, not noticing me, as I marvelled at this world.
My world.
My thoughts remained peaceful and hazy as if I was dreaming.
I felt I as forgetting something, that I should be waking up now, it was too perfect. It had to be a dream.
As if Fate was answering me the walls began to shrink faster, hitting my sides and crushing my ribs. The light that had seemed so perfect was now a snake coiling itself around my neck.
But the watch was still ticking. Its simple existence not interrupted by the changes that had altered this world.
So, foolishly I clung to its sound the only remaining part of the peaceful world I had built. I blocked out everything else, ignoring the pain of my life slipping away.
I let it fill my mind and shield my senses and with a thud I hit the ground.
I smiled as I opened my eyes to the place where I had begum my ritual, I had broken free. My eyes were now open to a world that forbid me to enter.

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