Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Creative Writing Competition 2010

The Secretary General of the United Nations is summoning world leaders to a meeting on the Millennium Development Goals and you have agreed to address them. What will you say?

Concern Writing CompetitionFive years and counting

In the year 2000, world leaders made eight solemn promises to the developing world. They stated that by the year 2015, key targets in the areas of poverty, health, education and the environment will be achieved.

The challenge

Imagine yourself before the United Nations General Assembly in front of 192 Heads of State. The President of the assembly introduces you to loud applause. The hall goes quiet as they await your words…

Your task

Choose just one of the eight goals and send us the speech you would give to world leaders on it. Remember to be creative!

Here are the categories:


  • Age 12 – 15 years
  • Maximum 1,000 words


  • Age 16 – 18 years
  • Maximum 1,500 words


  • Age 19+
  • Maximum 1,500 words


There will be prizes awarded in each category, with special awards for the best entries from third-level, community and adult education sectors.

  • First prize in each category is a netbook
  • Second prize in each category is an e-reader
  • Third prize in each category is an mp3 player
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