Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Honey FUNGUS lands!!!

We are the artists formerly known as Lucan Teen writer's group. We formed in February 2008 when the adults group were too mean to let us join them, so we said "We'll start our own group so" and we've been meeting in Lucan library every second week ever since.
We've only just renamed ourselves while out on our second annual summer day out - and the new name is:


Our aims are to support and encourage each other in our creative writing efforts. We play word games, do random writing exercises, read and discuss articles on writing, as well as reading our work to each other. We sometimes let the adults of Lucan Writer's group come along, so we can impress them with our brilliance, and teach them a thing or two about writing.
We write stories/ articles/ poems and some of us are currently working on our first novel. We welcome new members on an ongoing basis.

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