Saturday, August 8, 2009

One Sentence Each

This is from one of the exercises we did today - where everyone writes a line of a story - then passes it on to the next person to write the next bit.

The man grabbed his cigar with chubby, sausage-like fingers.
"Hmmm," he pondered, then his eyes opened wide and he threw it at the terrified servant "I told you SILK CUT!"
The cigarette flew through the air, missing the maid's very flammable hair by inches.
It landed with a thud in front of the closed door, causing smoke to crawl through the small crack, altering the fire alarm. The alarm sounded, everyone ran from the building.
"Ok, no more smoking or else"

"But I like smoking, it's not my fault you got the brand wrong"
"Sorry boss, but your excessive smoking coupled with large anger issues is just too much of a health hazard lately, goodbye.
I quit"
"You can't quit, YOU'RE FIRED!"

"Oh yeah?"
"Good then"
"Yeah Good!"
"You guys have the worst comebacks in the history of comebacks," said some random interfering teenager.
"Yeah well, so's your face"


  1. Saw your blog with one of the teens who couldn't locate it herself. She thought it was smashing and loved seeing the one-sentence printed!
    Well done Niamh!

  2. cool! for some reason that comment didn't come direct to me, ah well, will sort out the gremlins some time