Saturday, August 22, 2009

Man Eating Toilet

Today we did an exercise which involved each person giving the person on their left a subject to write about. One of us got the subject of a Man Eating Toilet. Since there's more than one way to approach any thing - the lucky recipient of this task came up with the following take on it... Hope you enjoy.

"It just won't fit Rob, leave it and walk away" shouted the judge.
Rob stared at the toilet in determination. He took in a breath.
"Ok. If I start with the lid and eat the rest..."
30 seconds left.
In a last gasp attempt, Rob lifted the toilet and threw it in the air.
Time seemed to stand still.
The toilet came down.
The crowd gasped.
The clock was on 5 seconds. Rob opened his mouth and swallowed.
The toilet was gone.
People were clapping "He DID it!!"
The judge walked over to Rob and shook his hand.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, the new Guinness world record for the fastest time to eat a toilet!"


  1. no doubt he looked a bit flushed after

  2. Rather a pale chap really - judging by the illustration (also the author's work)

  3. Great imagination there! Well done whoever you are.

  4. Some sort of comment on society (and me), I suppose, the this post has attracted 3 comments (4 now) and the John Betjeman Young Poets Award none at all. Ah, well! Interesting blog though. I shall return.

  5. Let's face it, this is more fun than the John Betjeman competition!!
    Thanks for the kind comments

  6. Great imagination. Who... no actually, why would you draw such a thing. Mad - but great fun!

  7. I just tripped down the page. You have a great blog...I'll be back. -J

  8. hey huh cool i thought the man would be eaten by the toilet but that was a cool take aswell.