Sunday, September 20, 2009


“It’s nothing but glass” said Joe

Shattered pieces in front of me. I didn’t trust Joe.

I felt like they would harm me, they somehow reminded me of Joe.

Why was I following Joe? He scared me and proved time and time again that he was untrustworthy.

And so am I, otherwise I would have told him I was stalking him, but that would have ruined the fun.

I have one complaint as a stalker. I walk pretty fast. HURRY UP JOE!

Joe was lagging behind, about 30 feet, this would never do, I had to stop and wait for him.

Then as usual what do I do next, I collapse. The same clutz.

I get back up in time to see him running towards me in a hurry.

I turn around and run away.

He pursued me and I panicked and ran into the candy shop.

Then everything stopped.

“I’ll have some sherbet and some bullseyes please!” I was in a rush.

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