Monday, September 21, 2009


They were all sitting in a room squashed together.

They were all waiting for it to come into the room.

But what was it? They weren’t exactly sure yet.

A dog walked in and out. “Was that it?” someone asked.

There was an old man asleep on the bench, he woke up and said “Did I miss it?”

“Nope, not at all, go back to counting those sheep of yours Joe”

Everyone was anxious waiting for it, Jenny had a glimpse of it, she thought.

“I wonder if it will come at all” whispered Jenny.

“Yes, it will. In fact, it’s already here” said the giant flying mouse.

“Hi, I’m the GFM, but you can call me Bob!”

“Bob” said Jenny timidly “Are you it?”

“Of course, the wonderful Bob, not the builder”

“Haha,” everyone laughed anxiously.

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